Viva la Sci-Fi


NBC is showing Star Trek: Insurrection. An edited for TV version I gather since it’s not cable. No matter. I’ve never got to see this one before. I wanted to see it when it was at the show, but for the usual financial reasons I didn’t. According to the telephone recording of the last local movie theater I went to, they jacked up the cost of their tickets to $8.00! Geez! It use to be about $6.50 not too long ago. Maybe $8.00 a seasonal price. The also have a discounted price if you go before a certain time which I didn’t pay attention to. $5.00 for adults. The earlier times use to be about $4.50. The 8 bucks means that now there’s absolutely no reason for me to go out to the movies. Even the $6.50 was a bit steep. I think I’ve only been out to the movies about 7 times in my life. Oh, well, back to tube.