Sewing for Dummies & BBC Choice games

I really need to read that book Sewing for Dummies. I have come to the realization that I really suck at sewing! My mother makes these things look easy. I really want to get into sewing my own stuff. A hobby that comes easy to my mother makes me lose patience real fast. I usually have a high threshold of patience, but this is hard. My simple task that I wanted to complete: Create a simple little drawstring bag that is about 3″ x 7″ using a portable mini sewing machine. One of those As Seen On TV ones: WHITE’s Sew Cute™ (Model SC-20). I didn’t know how to really change the bobbin to a darker thread so I left the white thread in. I really didn’t like the fact that the stitching distance seems long. There seems to be only two speeds: on and off.

For the bag, I used a celestial astrological theme fabric that came with a book binding kit and a dark shiny smooth fabric that I’ve had for a few years now for a liner. Didn’t turn out too bad though (pic), it should have been thought out more. I’ll have to sew the space for the drawstring to go through by hand because I sewed up the sides and it won’t fit over the sewing machine arm now. Or come up with a different way to attach the drawstring.

Recently, I somehow wondered off while surfing on the internet to a section of the BBC website with some classic arcade style games. I think it was a link provided in a past Lockergnome newsletter to an online game called Roadies. There are other games there as well. A few are based on television programs and require Flash 5.

What I played a little of:

  • Roadies – Fun and funny. Haven’t got past the second level yet.
  • LA Pool Party – Played this once so far. You have a choice between 3 limos. Each with its own pool in the back.
  • Diners – This is really good and challenging after a few levels.
  • Gay Lords – Fun and funny. I really need to work on the launching of my exploding thongs. Played often.
  • Flirt Alert – Fun Pacman style game.
  • Stop! Kung Fu – Kung Fu fan game with some trivia. It’s… OK.
  • Pachinko – Boring to me. Didn’t play it long.
  • Celebrity Arm Wrestlingeeeh. It’s OK. Only played one round.