TV makeover shows.

My mother had off today. Earlier today she was flipping through the cable stations and came across a show on The Learning Channel called A Makeover Story. We’ve seen another episode of this before and were yapping about how bad the makeovers were and joked how the after’s were not much of an improvement from the before’s . So we decide to view this one to see if the people make any other better choices in the way of clothing, hair and makeup for the people getting makeovers. Right away we were wrong. This episode was about a woman getting a makeover for her 40th birthday with her 30-something best friend. One of them is pregnant, I gather.

My mother thinks that the clothing choices that are made for the participants are just plain really bad. Just watching this episode is making me practically roll on the floor reeling at the horrible clothing choices.

The pregnant one is put into clothing that DOES NOT flatter any aspect of her body what-so-ever. At one point she tries on an all black dress that looks just horrible on her. Plain black. No accents of color or an applique or anything. It makes her look like she’s fat and frumpy. The other woman was in a Asian type top that wrapped around to her right side and tied or buttoned to the right side. This creates a diagonal in front and looked like it didn’t fit her right.

Later they get the hair treatment. Both of these women had, and I say had, long hair. The people who do the hair always seem “chop happy” to me.

Before one do is done my mother comments: “Why do they think that the key to looking better is to cut their hair?”

NOTE: If a hairstylist states they want to “bring your length up” you can bet your sweet bippie that more than a trim or an inch is gonna be chopped off.

After one do is done my mother remarks to the TV: “When are you going to style it?”

In the end, these women love their makeovers. One stated to the effect that the job done was so good that she “…could just die“.

[ Me ] If I looked like that, I’d die too!
[ My Mother ] If I looked like that, I’d wanna die!

TLC’s A Makeover Story pales in comparison to the STYLE network’s Fashion Emergency. Although the latter is far better, they can make some really dud choices in our opinions.

A Makeover Story (should read: “A Makeover Scary”) gets a Thumbs Down (x2) for choices made. It is still a good show to watch just to see what they’re up to.